In memoriam – Sheila

Profesionist de excepție, Sheila Margaret Sfrijan s-a născut în a 26-a zi a lunii florilor a anului 1946. Ar fi împlinit 72 de ani anul acesta și dac-ar mai fi fost printre noi cu siguranță ne-ar fi molipsit de vitalitate, iubire de oameni și seriozitatea lucrului bine făcut… În memoria ei, soțul, Dianu Sfrijan, a ctitorit Centrul Cultural Spiritual de la Varatic care îi va cinsti mereu memoria.
,,Datorez foarte mult, soţiei mele, Sheila. O fiinţă excepţională, care a dat dovadă, în cei 42 de ani de căsnicie, de foarte multă înţelegere, blândeţe, răbdare și iubire.

Exceptional professional, Sheila Margaret Sfrijan was born on the 26th day of the flower month of the year 1946. She would have been 72 years old this year and if she had been among us, we would surely have enjoyed it with its virulent vitality, love for others and professionalism. In her memory her husband, Dianu Sfrijan, founded the Spiritual Cultural Center from Varatic that will honor her memory forever.
I owe a lot to my wife, Sheila. She was an exceptional being who has shown in the 42 years of marriage a lot of understanding, gentleness, patience and love. “

,,Coronation Street star Samia Smith will officially re-open Heywood Library on Saturday
Samia, 26, who plays Maria Connor in the ITV soap, will cut the ribbon at 12.15pm at the York Street library, along with the Mayor of Rochdale, Councillor Robin Parker, Heywood MP Jim Dobbin and the town’s councillors. Everyone is welcome to attend the opening and view the new-look facilities. The library will be open all day and free membership will be available for any non-members who would like to join. Sheila Sfrijan, principal librarian at Rochdale Council, said last-minute preparations are in full swing for the big day. She said: „I encourage everyone to come down and discover what your beautiful modern library has to offer. Samia supported last year’s National Year of Reading and is really keen to encourage reading from an early age. She’s looking forward to Saturday. Children of all ages and their families will be able have an hour of fim from 2.30pm to 3.30pm with John Piper’s Puppet Show. The Graden listed building was reopened to the public in November following a yearlong revamp. The 100-year-old building has benefited from roof repairs, new Windows and heating System, redecoration, improved toilet facilities, rewiring and had its parquet floor restored. Existing original features have been retained but the layout has been opened up to give a bright new feel, including a new children’s area with a station for youngsters to listen to stories on CD, teenagers area and a communiţy meeting room. Free high-speed internet access is now available on 12 computers and the book stock has been refreshed leaving the library with a collection of more than 32,000 books. A display case for historical artefacts has also just been installed. Work on the building, which started in November 2007, was originally expected to take six months, but delays in refurbishing the flooring and installing the new heating system have meant it took more than a year.”

ROCHDALE OBSERVER, SATURDAY 21 Jamuary, 2004 – Whole new chapter for the library
,,The official opening of Milnrow Library early next year will mark a new £150,000 chapter in its history. Rochdale’s principal librarian, Sheila Sfrijan, said the long delay in staging the re-opening was because of finishing touches. She said: „We were engaged in making the wrought iron work at the front to make it look like the library when it was originally opened in 1907. I would like to see the official opening involving people of all age groups and raising awareness of what Services the library has to offer. Some leaded Windows have been vandalised and we will have to call in specialists to repair them. It is a great shame after all the effort people have put in. We are trying to encourage new young families to use the library, but it already has a really good community feel and is well used. However we are always open to suggestions from the public.”
Councillor Irene Davidson said for the official opening they were considering having two days of celebrations.

Rochdale Observer: District News – Castleton and Sudden, Saturday, 22 november, 2003 – Room access „disgust”/ Surprise/ Impressed

Disabled people will still be unable to use a library community room despite a £170,000 refurbishment of the building. Local organisations say that the decision not to install a lift makes the room inaccessible to disabled and elderly people – the very people who would be expected to use it. Now councillors are to look into how access came to be missed when plans were drawn up for the refurbishment of Milnrow library.
Principal Librarian Sheila Sfrijan said: „The library’s refurbishment was as a result of an investigation into dry rot in the building and a decision to restore the building was to bring it in line with health and safety regulations. The first floor room in question had been the subject of minor repairs and redecoration. We don’t have to provide a community room. We have to provide a library service in the borough. The ground floor has been made accessible to disabled people.”
Anita Broome, from the Friends of Sudden Library, said: „People were queuing before the session started so it began 20 minutes early. We were really pleased with how it went and Sheila Sfrijan, from the library service, was impressed.”
The friends group is still looking into getting funding to help with moving the library to Brim’rod Primary School. Rochdale Council leisure chiefs proposed closing the library nearly 12 months ago as part of its libraries review.


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